Greg Lester

Creative Audio Services and Solutions

Swords of Gurrah (Sound Design & Implementation in Unreal Engine)
Super Bally Ball  (Sound Design & Implementation in Unreal Engine and Fmod)
Evelychu (Sound Design & Music)
Game Audio Analysis (Audio tutorials, breakdowns & re-designs)

Electric Ambulance (Sound Design & Implementation in Unity)
Lead the sonic direction, managed the audio pipeline, conducted field recording sessions, designed and implemented the assets using Unreal Engine
Responsible for the sound design and implementation using Unreal Engine
and Fmod to create a interactive sound scape.
Responsible for the sound design, music and implementation using Unity and C#, QA testing and marketing material creation
Analysing the and recreating the BFG-9000 sound using only a Key
Breaking down the Halo Energy Sword sound and re-creating it using only a Can
Recording, Editing, Layering and Processing of the Mechanics Library using Reaper
Recording, Editing, Layering and Processing of the UI Library using Reaper
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