I'm a Sound Designer specialising in interactive audio for video games currently working on an unreleased title at Soundcuts. During my two years of being in the industry I have worked on various platforms including mobile and VR, have two published titles under my belt and co-pitched to AAA publishers including SEGA, EA, Namco, Team 17 and Paradox. 
I am highly proficient with Unity, Unreal Engine, Fmod and Wwise which allows me to easily implement audio using either the native audio engines or middleware. 
In my free time I create Sound Libraries and through this I have gained extensive experience in multiple areas. These include cutting, editing, cleaning up and archiving sounds as well as microphone theory and application.
Two of my most valuable skills are clear and concise communication and an open mind to learn new things. This enables me to easily collaborate with any developer team or client and adjust to their workflow seamlessly.
Sharing knowledge is something I'm very passionate about and enjoy, so next to my audio work, I create educational YouTube videos analysing the soundscapes of various video games as well as tutorials and recreations of iconic sounds.
I was born and raised in Austria but brought up bilingually I am fluent in both German and English.
What people who I have worked with say about me: 
"Greg is a talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic sound designer with a fantastic eye for detail. He is a pleasure to work with." - Lewis Thompson (Soundcuts Ltd)
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